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Individualized Recovery Plan 
12 Step Program 
24/7 Care 
Sauna Treatment 
Fun and Unique Activities​



Trauma Support

Suicide Prevention


Anger Management

Crisis Support Mentorship Talking Therapy



Life Skills
Hands-On Trade Skills
Contract labor Skills
Resume Preparation

Most participants turn to us as a last resort for treatment as their families have given up on themand they have no financial support. The community need in San Antonio is overwhelming, and there is a lack of available rehabilitation centers that also prepare program graduates to live a productive life-style upon completion. Our organization is operating with highly trained staff and a high number of volunteers.


Multicultural Cuisine

We believe that a nutritious meal is a sure path to body restoration and healthy living. Therefore, the Multicultural Cuisine program was uniquely designed, in collaboration with volunteers from a local church and HEB store sponsorships, to provide a variety of culinary skills for individuals recovering from substance abuse. This program empowers them to make conscious decisions in nutritious food choices while helping them discover their talents and capabilities in the kitchen. In addition, we use these culinary events to raise awareness in our community about trauma caused drug addiction and a healthy recovery.

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Handy Man Training.jpeg

Handy Man Training

Through this program we teach work ethic principles and train program participants in basic handy-man skills. Handy Man Training Program positively impacts a person’s growth by offering the opportunity to learn discipline, tool operation, and work ready skills such as: HVAC maintenance, appliance repair, carpentry, drywall, flooring, kitchen and bath remodeling, painting, plumbing, pressure washing, roofing, and window and door installation. These individuals develop physically and mentally, grow in confidence and self-respect, and gain a sense of achievement.


Give Back Program

Through this program individuals on the program experience the joy of giving and helping. This year, through this program, and in collaboration with Trader Joe’s and Eagles Flight Advocacy, we were able to feed over 5 thousand people in our community. As well, we completed over 12 thousand community service hours helping elderly and disabled individuals with house chores, repairs and yard clean-ups.

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